Guangxi Electrial and Mechanical Productivity Promotion Center


Guangxi Electrical and Mechanical Productivity Promotion Center was established in 1998. Its support unit is GRIMI. The center has a team of technical talents covering machinery, sugar, automatic control, computer hardware and software and other fields, as well as a team of skilled workers based on Intermediate and senior mechanics. The industrialization base has a modern factory building of 7,800 ㎡, with complete R&D and production facilities and well-equipped equipment. It has strong capabilities of technological innovation, product development, results transformation and technical service.

Core Business

Relying on the technology and talents of GRIMI, the center combines the electrical and mechanical industry in our region to carry out some business such as the development and promotion of new technologies and new products, information technology research and development,  consulting services, talent training, engineering experiments, and scientific research and so on.