Intelligent Manufacturing Teaching Application

According to our own technical advantages, GRI has signed some cooperation agreements with many colleges and universities. Combined the professional construction of colleges and universities and the needs of industrial talents, GRI has jointly developed and promoted the application development of advanced intelligent manufacturing technology and teaching system including industrial robots, 3D printing, three-dimensional scanning, intelligent equipment, industrial internet of things, industrial big data, numerical control technology, etc.

We have completed the plan and construction of a number of school-enterprise cooperation training bases for 3D printing and three-dimensional scanning teaching practice, basic application training bases for industrial robots, digital intelligent manufacturing line training bases, and intelligent manufacturing integrated training bases. We have carried out the School-enterprise cooperation content such as  innovation-oriented student cultivation for intelligent manufacturing technology, professor teacher team building, teaching resource repository construction, textbook teaching plan preparation, research and development of science and technology projects, and social application services.

We have played an active role in advancing the level of teaching and scientific research in schools, cultivating the talents of enterprise intelligent manufacturing, improving the service level for enterprise intelligent manufacturing technology, and promoting the development of Guangxi industrial technology.