Fully Automatic Robot Production Line of Packing and Palletizing

In order to solve the problems such as difficulty in automatic packing of powder and particulate in sugar, food, feed, fertilizer, starch, chemical industry, medicine, nanometer calcium carbonate and other industries, after 6 years of independent research and development, GRIMI finally developed the fully automatic production line for material packing with detachable two-layer bags.

The production line can realize the fully automation of the whole packing process such as put bag, open bag, clip bag, filling, mobile output, inside bag heat sealing, inside bag into outside bag, automatic stitching outside bag etc. It has formed a completely automatic production line with our palletizing robot and belt conveyer, can realize the fully automation of automatic code-spurting, reladling, flattening vibration and palletizing. It has the advantages of high production speed, good quality of packing, good compatibility and stable performance. It is a high-tech intelligent product integrating machine, electricity, instrument and gas, filling the international gap.

The production line has successfully solved the problem of fully automatic production of detachable two-layer bags packing and stacking, which is the world’s first. It has great significance to improve the level of automation and intelligence in the industry, to realize the cornering overtaking in the special packing field , to lead the scientific and technological innovation in the industry and to realize the major development strategies of nation and other regions such as “Made- in- China 2025”, “Innovation-driven development” and “Second pioneering of sugar industry”.

Artificial packaging production line

Automatic packaging production line for robot