Guangxi Industry Robot Research and Development Centre

R&D Direction

1、Cases Study of Integration of High-End Equipment Manufacturing and Industry Robot

(1) R&D of Industry Robot Intelligent Manufacturing

According to the “13th Five-Year plan, we have conducted the R&D of industry robot intelligent manufacturing system based on “Industry 4.0”, internet and artificial intelligence technology. This research is applied to the mechanical manufacturing, sugar equipment and industry robot.

(2) R&D and Application of Digital Intelligent Packing Workshop

We have conducted the R&D of digital intelligent packing workshop to solve the packing problem in labor-intensive industry based on the independently developed industry robots, automatic packing system, digitized stereoscopic warehouse, product traceability and intelligent control system.

(3) R&D and Application of Mini-Micro Robot And Dedicated

We have conducted the R&D of mini-micro robot to reduce the cost of industry robot application for labor-intensive industry, for example, packing and electronic assembly. We also carry out the R&D of structure, reliability and lifetime of dedicated robot with extreme conditions (for example, high temperature, high humidity and high pressure) and customization.

(4) R&D and Application of Robot Integrated Controller and Common Control Platform of Multi-axis Robot

The robot control system can be miniature via R&D of integrated controller. We can also conduct the customized application test and research of industry robot quickly through R&D of common control platform of multi-axis robot. This ensure we can response quickly to the market requirement.

(5) R&D and Application of Robot Visual Servo Control System and Remote Monitor Platform

We focus on the R&D of visual precision detection, precision localization, assembly test, identification of characteristic pattern, visual tracking, visual navigation, visual monitor. The robot is controlled and monitored via R&D of monitoring platform including APP monitor mode. R&D of pre-diagnosis expert system of robot failure can reduce the cost of debugging and guarantee.

(6) R&D and Application of Robot Simulation and Virtual Reality

We focus on the R&D of robot virtual remote operated and man-machine interaction. We aim to satisfy the needs of robot simulation production line and digitalized factory in virtual manufacturing environment. This form the basic and the organic component of robot digital production line.

Main Technology Application