Auto-Control Sugar Boiling System

Auto-control sugar boiling system is a fully automatic control system which is developed by GRIMI on the basis of absorbing the similar items from abroad and is more suitable for the intermittent sugar boiling form in the domestic sugar mills. In 2008, GRIMI integrated the excellent team of automation engineers, deeply studied the sugar cooking process in sugar enterprises, combined with the research and implementation of the projects of the domestic mature sugar cooking process, completed the project development and successfully implement acceptance qualification in the same year.

At present, GRIMI has the ability to implement 100 sets per year . There are dozens of Auto-control sugar boiling systems implemented by GRIMI are applied in many domestic sugar factories. The application effect is good, which can save energy consumption, shorten the cooking time and improve the sugar boiling effect.

In June 5th 2010, the Project Appraisal Committee of Guangxi Science and Technology Department agreed that the overall technology of the product reached the domestic level, including the control model based on the Liquid level-Brixrelation curve and the PID control technology of sugar boiling process have reached the domestic leading level in sugarcane sugar making field.