Guangxi Sugar Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center


Guangxi Sugar Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center is one of the third batch of engineering technology research centers in our district identified by the Science and Technology Department of Guangxi in 2007. The center relies on GRI to carry out research, promotion and application around the new equipment, new technology and new technology of the characteristic industry in Guangxi, and to develop the advanced technology of sugar equipment at home and abroad. In addition, it also provides sugar equipment with high automation, intelligent level, complete facilities and first-class technology to sugar factories. At the same time, it provides comprehensive engineering technology testing, technical consultation, talent training and other services for sugar factories.

GRIMI has been engaged in the research of sugar equipment and technology for more than ten years. The sugar equipment technology covers the fields of equipment, technology, informationization and automation in the sugar industry. The technical achievements of the sugar equipment developed by GRIMI include not only the sugar equipment involved in multiple sections of the sugar factory, but also the automatic control system of the local section, the analysis equipment of the sugar factory, and the management information system covering the entire sugar factory. At present, the sugar equipment and technology developed by GRIMI have basically passed through the entire process of sugar production. These equipments and technologies have reached domestic advanced level, and have the advantages of energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction, high efficiency, and can  improve sugar quality and sugar production, which is widely acclaimed in our district. GRIMI has presided over or participated in the formulation of 1 national standard, 3 industry standards, and 1 local standard for sugar equipment.

Research Area

1、Research on new equipment, new technology and new technology with high efficiency, energy saving for sugar factory, including rotary vacuum filter, continuous centrifuge, system for extracting sugar from massecuite , stirring device for crystallizing tank, batch centrifuge, etc.;

2、Online detection and automatic control technology for sugar production, including auto-control sugar boiling system, automatic evaporation system, non-nuclear detection and control technology, near-infrared quality inspection and analysis technology, rapid detection of sugar production process series, online control sensor, etc.;

3、Research on enterprise information management, including integrated information management system for sugar enterprises, distribution management system, office management, customer relationship management system, integrated management and control technology, etc.;

4、High-quality sugar new technology, new equipment research, including ion exchange resin tower, fluidized bed, drum dryer and other refined sugar production equipment, membrane filtration equipment for sugarcane, etc..

Industrial Commonness Technical Service

1. GRIMI will cooperate with well-known research institutes, sugar equipment manufacturers and sugar equipment enterprises at home and abroad to build a platform for sugar equipment and process technology innovation, integrate industrial science and technology resources, promote the share of information and scientific research resources, carry out various forms of international and regional cooperation and exchanges, which will form a overall innovation advantages;

2. GRIMI undertakes external research, design, development, testing, and examining tasks, and to carry out technical consulting services, and become an open technical support platform for the sugar industry;

3、GRIMI trains engineering and technical talents and management talents for sugar factories to improve their professional quality and technical level.