Stirring Device for Crystallizing Tank

The stirring device for crystallizing tank independently developed by GRIMI uses fluid dynamics analysis software to optimize the structure of the blade, so that the product has better stirring effect, can significantly improve the liquidity of the sugar paste in the crystallizing tank,  improve the quality of cooking sugar and save energy. The products are stable, effective, and low in noise. It is highly praised by sugar companies and occupy the highest market share.

Technical features:

1、The optimized blade streamline design ensures good circulation inside the tank.

2、It uses a belt drive, running smoothly and sealing well.

3、The low installation height is conducive to the transformation of old tanks and old plants.

4、The special seal design ensures no leakage of vacuum and is maintenance free during the squeeze season.

5、The special support bearing design at the bottom of the stirring shaft ensures smooth operation of the blade and effectively prolongs the sealing life.

6、Frequency control or two-speed stirring can adapt to changes in the viscosity of various sugar pastes. It can be used with the automatic sugar boiling system developed by GRI to achieve automatic speed adjustment.

                                                           The application in new sugar factory