Laser Engraving Digital 3 Dimensional Modeling

Argus Pro 3 dimensional laser engraving machine

The laser engraving digital 3 dimensional modeling technology is to inject two laser beams from different angles into a transparent object at a accurately point, and melt the point to form a tiny cavity. Then, it produces a large number of tiny cavities in the corresponding position of the figure by the use of controlled laser. Finally, these holes form the desired pattern. The raw materials are transparent materials such as crystal and glass.

Technical features:

1、It adopts advanced galvanometer technology with 2KHz diode pump YAG frequency doubling laser. The explosion point is thin and bright. The engraving speed is fast. The pattern is exquisite. The effect is vivid and lifelike.

2、The equipment design is reasonable and the stability of long-term working is good.

3、It can be used to make 3D portraits with 3D cameras.

4、To meet the needs of individualized and batch rapid processing, one device can meet the production volume of multiple store network sales and e-commerce network sales.

Specification parameter:

product model

Argus Pro

maximum processing range(mm)



diode pump laser with 532nm

lifetime of semiconductor

20000 hours

distance of carving point(mm


sizes of carving point


printing speed

5000 points/sec



processed raw materials

crystal, glass, etc.

cooling method


power supply


batch processing


      Product Applications:

It can engrave plane or 3-dimensional patterns in transparent materials such as crystal and glass.

It can engrave 2D/3D portraits, famous names, trophies and other personalized gift souvenirs. It can also mass produce 2D/3D animal products, plants, buildings, cars, boats, airplanes and other model products and 3D scenes.

Medical teaching todel of crystal engraving

Gift model of crystal engraving

A portrait of a crystal inside

Product model of crystal engraving