Reverse Engineering with Industrial Scanner

HL-3DX+ Industrial 3 Dimensional Scanner

Reverse engineering with industrial scanner(reverse technology) is a technology that uses3-dimensional scanning equipment to collect 3-dimensional data of physical products, form computer space point cloud data, and generate digital 3-dimensional models through point cloud data fitting. It can quickly obtain the digital model of the real object through reverse 3-dimensional scanning, which is simpler, faster and more accurate for new product development and product modification design, product imitation, detection and analysis.

Technical features:

1. It shortens the cycle of product design and development and speeds up the upgrading of products;

2. It can reduce the cost and risk of developing new products;

3. it can speed up the product's modeling and serial design;

4. It is suitable for the manufacture of single-piece and small-volume parts, especially the manufacture of molds, which can be divided into direct molding and indirect molding.

Specification parameter:

product model


scanning mode

non-contact 3D scanning (photographic 3D scanning)

projection, grating technique

microstructured light projection, extrapolation multi-frequency

calibration technology

ring coding calibration (13 steps)

independent mode

single scan range

regulating mode


precision of single amplitude measurement


scanning time of single side


splicing mode

automatic intelligent splicing, manual feature splicing

range of scannable object


average sampling point distance


industrial 3 dimensional photogrammetry

supporting the import of industrial 3D photogrammetric splicing engineering coordinate point files

Scanning case

Reverse scanning vehicle dashboard

Reverse scanning parts

Robot automatic scanning system with 3D scanner