Sample Preparation Equipment for the Determination of Sucrose in Cane

The sample preparation equipment for the determination of sucrose in cane is the ideal advanced equipment of the sugar factory which independently researched and developed by GRIMI, and it conforms to the DB45/T450-2007 standard. The equipment has the characteristics of accurate presentation of sampling data and sample preparation, shorten measurement time, which takes only about 20 minutes and saves more than one hour compared to traditional equipment. The application of the equipment can timely grasp the actual production data, accurately guide the ratio and delivery of auxiliary materials in production, and has a greater effect on stabilizing product quality, reducing costs, reducing reporting deviations, and implementing quality pricing for sugarcane.

Equipment features:

1. The cutting mill uses die steel to make impellers, sieve plates, and cutting knives, which are not easily rusted and hard to wear.

2. The cracker is small, light and easy to operate.

3. The cracker is small and light which is easy to operate.