Continuous Centrifuge

The continuous centrifuge independently developed by GRIMI is used for centrifugation of B massecuit and C massecuit, which can realize the automatic and continuous completion of feed, separation and unloading. Products with good separation effect, large amount of treatment, quality stability and other characteristics, won high praise from customers. At present, it is applied in major domestic sugar groups and exported to Vietnam. In recent years, GRIMI has completed the intelligent transformation of Continuous Centrifuge, which can realize the integration with enterprise digitization and intelligent system, and realize seamless centralized control.

Technical features:

1、It uses stainless steel integrated screen basket can running smoothly and adopts the ellipse molasses discharge hole, hole opening rate is high, molasses discharge ability is strong.

2、With a unique seal structure of gaseous current, the finished sugar product can be separated from molasses and no molasses can run out of it.

3、The bottom mesh is welded to the screen basket, the surface of mesh does not need to be screwed, so the service life is long;

4、The minimum difference in the purity of gravity between before and after separation of molasses can reach 1 GP, and the sugar extraction rate of the continuous Centrifuge exceeds 96.5%;

5、The moisture content of the sugar is low, and the moisture content of C massecuit can reach less than 1.5%.

6、The sugar has a low color value and good granularity.