Rotary Vacuum Filter

Rotary vacuum filter independently researched and developed by GRIMI is known for its advanced technology, excellent manufacturing, durability and stable quality. It has been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad, with a domestic market share of more than 65% and exported to Southeast Asia, South America and Africa. And the market share of Vietnam is close to 100%. GRIMI has accumulated more than 20 years of rich experience in R&D, manufacturing, installation, and transformation, won the second prize of the Guangxi Science and Technology Progress Award, and won the Outstanding Sugar Equipment (Technology) Award. In recent years, GRIMI has completed a number of automation upgrades such as automatic level control of the product, centralized automatic control, and so on, so that the product can meet the upgrade needs of the intelligent sugar factory.

Technical features:

1、The pol of dry filtrated mud is adjustable from 1% to 5%,and the moisture of dry filtrated mud below 75%.

2、The filter is unique without holes in four edge which  bases on GRI's patented technology and produced by the United States. The life can be extended by more than 50%.

3、GRIMI uses the unique drum design, high percision of cylinder and straightness, so it only use a piece of mud scraper, and the mud removal rate is over 99%.

4、The distribution of tube and vacuum is reasonable and uniform. It has a large amount of treatment.

5、The contact part with the material is stainless steel.

Rotary vacuum filter