Batch Centrifuge

GRIMI cooperated with the world-famous manufacturer of centrifuges, Broadbent, to make this equipment. According to the production characteristics of the domestic sugar enterprises, GRIMI has made it more suitable for the use of domestic sugar process. The excellent performance of the equipment coupled with our localized high-quality technical services make this equipment more popular among domestic sugar producers. Currently, it is widely used in COFCO , Guangxi State Farms, Guangxi Guitang(Group) Co.,LTD and other famous sugar factories.

Technical characteristics

1、It uses a special centrifuge motor, which can make the speed faster, shorten screening sugar cycle and the minimum can be as low as 150 seconds / sieve.

2、It uses an integrated spindle and runs smoothly.

3、It uses a flexible blade, can contact the screen and improve the scraping efficiency, each sieve residue is less than 2kg.

4、No requirement for “steam wash”.

The application in sugar factory

The installation site