Auto-control Sugar Boiling System

Auto-control sugar boiling system is a fully automatic sugar control system that is independently developed by GRIMI and is more suitable for intermittent sugar cooking in domestic sugar factories. It has the characteristics of shortening the cooking time, saving energy consumption, accurately controlling the cooking sugar, and high automation. It also has 2 software copyrights. There are dozens of auto-control sugar boiling systems implemented by GRIMI are applied in many domestic sugar factories. The application effect is good. The system have passed the appraisal of the autonomous region, and the overall technology has reached the domestic advanced level. The control model based on the Liquid level-Brixrelation curve and the PID control technology of sugar boiling process have reached the domestic leading level in sugarcane sugar making field.

Features and advantages:

1, Using fuzzy PID control technology to improve the control accuracy and narrow fluctuations;

2. The software was completely developed by GRI and has a high degree of intelligence, can be customized according to the user's needs, so the use costs is low;

3, Boiling time can be reduced as no water boiling is required.;

4, With a easily-understand GUI, the systems is easy to operate. The operator can master it after simple training.