System for Extracting Sugar from Massecuite

System for Extracting Sugar from Massecuite is a solid-liquid separation device, which is suitable for separating the mother liquor from the massecuite after the sugar tank, the crystal box, the regenerator, and the sugar centrifuge. By analyzing the refractive hammer and conversion photometry of mother liquor, the simple purity of mother liquor is obtained by calculation. The equipment plays an active role in examining the effect of sugar production process, adjusting process parameters, and assessing the execution of employees' processes, can effectively improve the level of company's process management.

Technical features:

1、It adopts pressure extrusion method to separate and has a good separation effect;

2、With a constant temperature system to maintain the sugar paste temperature;

3、With more specifications filters so it is suitable for different materials;

4、The device is small and is easy to operate.