3D Printing with Stereo Lithography Appearance(SLA)

ISLA-450 SLA 3D printer and its product samples

Printed sample:

lampshade printed with UV curable resin

Exquisite furniture printed with UV curable resin

Shell of industrial product printed with UV curable resin

The SLA is to use a computer controlled laser beam to scan the surface of UV curable resin point by point. The scanned area will solidify due to photopolymerization and then form a thin layer of part. The workbench will be moved down by a layer thickness so that the surface of the cured resin is coated with a new layer of liquid resin. The squeegee scrapes the liquid surface of the resin with a higher viscosity and performs the next layer of scanning processing. The squeegee will flatten the liquid surface of the resin with a higher viscosity and then perform the scanning process of the next layer. This is repeated until the entire prototype is manufactured.

Material: Liquid photosensitive resin is used as raw material.

Technical features:

1、The ultraviolet laser passes through the focusing, and the spot diameter can reach 0.1 mm;

2、It has high molding precision and can form fine structures (such as rings);

3、 It can make arbitrarily complex structural parts (such as hollow parts);

4、The surface finish of the product is high (the surface Ra is less than 0.1um);

5、 Post-processing is simple and convenient.

Specification parameter:

product model


Light spot size(mm)


the size of model construction(mm)




spot correction of work surface

dynamic focusing

forming precision


height of print layer


model format


heating mode

heating with PTC heating plate

scanning speed

the maximum is 10m/s

printing speed

up to 120g/h

dimensions (mm)