3D Printing with Selecting Laser Melting

EP-M250 Metal 3D printing

Model samples printed by EP-M250

SLM(Selective Laser Melting)is a kind of technology which under the control of computer program to use a high-energy-density laser to scan, then selective melting pre-laid metal powder layers to combine with matrix metallurgy, then continuously paving and scanning layer by layer, finally completing the three-dimensional metal parts.

The materials are stainless steel, copper alloy, titanium alloy, cobalt-chromium alloy, nickel-chromium alloy etc.


1、It is suitable for single and small batch production, and can directly produce metal products, saving the cost of mould and the time of making a new mould.

2、It is suitable for casting the workpiece with complex structure, especially for complex internal structures (such as cavity), complex workpieces that cannot be manufactured by conventional methods, or for the conditions where material costs are high and waste of material because of using the subtractive materials process.

product model


Model building size(mm)



Resonant Fiber Laser200w/400

Scanning system

High-precision scanning galvanometer

control software

Eplus 3D printing software

height of print layer


ambient temperature

working temperature is1530

gas supply

Ar/N2 protect

scanning speed


Power supply and power consumption

380V 6KW

Appearance dimension (mm)


Applicable Field

SLM technology has mature applications in the fields of metal mold manufacturing, lightweight metal parts manufacturing, porous structure manufacturing and medical implants.

Parts printed by metal 3D printer

Impellers printed by metal 3D printer

Parts assembled from impellers printed by  metal 3D printer