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Internet + Personalized Medical Care Interactive Platform

GRIMI has deeply corperated with the largest denture produce enterprise in Guangxi to create the country's first "Internet +" personalized medical intelligent manufacturing solutions. It develops "Internet+" personalized medical intelligent manufacturing platform by utilizing the internet of things, big data, mobile internet, 3D printing technology, and 3D model technology, including internet medical technology interaction, flexible production, quality traceability, intelligent logistics, intelligent analysis, etc. It has in-depth data mining and personalized medical services to help customers accurately analyze, refine the solution strategy, improve patient satisfaction, achieve customer value, and also for the industry to bring a new paradigm for development. The current system has covered more than 1,500 hospitals and clinics, 3,500 doctors and more than 500,000 patients.

1、It provides a cloud service platform for digital health-care end-to-end services, creating a new business model.

2、It is the only platform that can achieve direct connection between personalized medical service companies and doctors in China.

3、It provides a docking interface for government regulators to strengthens the supervision of product production processes, and creates a good environment for consumption.

4、It established an artificial intelligence flexible process analysis platform to model and solidify artificial knowledge and experience to provide intelligent production guidance for personalized production.

5、It can accurately predict the shipment process, intelligent distribution, and increase production capacity.

6、Orders and delivery of shipments completed within 4 hours.

7、Crossing Windows, Android, Apple three platforms, and PC, mobile phone, tablet terminal system framework.