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Prodction Line with Automatic Robot Online Inspection

In order to meet the requirements of quickly obtaining accurate inspection results of production parts, the system integrates robots, automatic identification, optical three-dimensional scanning, computer image processing, roller conveyor lines and trays and other technologies. It can automatically identify the detected objects on the roller line, and drive the robot to perform optical three-dimensional automatic scanning and automatic splicing on the surface structures of objects, thereby automatically obtaining the complete three-dimensional point cloud data system of the object. It has the features of no sticking, no dusting, full automatic, high precision, high efficiency, convenience and stability.

Product quality inspection is an on-line working mode of production on the company's production site. It is a work station of a production line. The requirements for the accuracy and function of measuring equipment far exceed those of reverse design. Therefore, the detection system can be seamlessly applied to the on-line inspection of product quality, such as castings, forgings, injection molding, and other complex surface products . It can "one-click" complete the fully automatic scanning of inspection process, to ensure the best measurement accuracy and speed, to achieve quality control (QC) and parts production process closely. The main technologies include:

1、Automatic online identification: The inspection station can be connected to different production lines to deliver different product types. When the product reaches the inspection area, the online automatic identification module will quickly and automatically identify the type of the product and notify the system to execute accordingly scanning perspective trajectory.

2、Automatic multi-angle scanning: A workpiece is usually measured by multi-view shooting. The system invokes the corresponding trajectory view program to automatically complete multi-angle scanning by automatically identifying the product type function.

3、Multi-view cloud automatic aligning and splicing without pulverization: This detection system can automatically complete the alignment and splicing of multi-viewpoint clouds by matching the coordinates of the scanner and the robot to quickly generate a completed point cloud for workpiece. The multi-view scanning point cloud is automatically spliced into a unified global coordinate system, which can satisfy the measurement of workpieces with different precision and different sizes (such as castings, forgings, machined parts, injection molded parts, etc.).

4、Non-contact scanning with High-precision and high-reliability: It does not come into contact with objects during measurement. It only matches the coordinates of the scanner and the robot to achieve global automatic alignment. It effectively controls the global error, ensures the overall accuracy, and maintains an accuracy of up to 0.05 mm.