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Flexible Manufacturing System Line

Flexible manufacturing system line

GRIMI has been engaged in the development of automated high-end equipment research and digital factories for many years to develop a flexible manufacturing system line by using CNC machine tools, industrial robots, AGV carts, intelligent storage, internet of things, and visual inspection equipment. In addiction, GRIMI also has developed intelligent production scheduling system, manufacturing execution system, production logistics system, and "digital twin" visualization technology, virtual reality technology, etc. It can realize the digitization and intelligence of the whole production process, such as sending orders from Internet, transferring raw materials into warehouse, intelligentized production, on-line product inspection and product out of storage, etc. The system can be widely used in automotive parts, construction machinery, household appliances, aerospace and other fields.

The production line has the following features:

1、It can realize unmanned chemical plants, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

2、it can meet the product more varieties, more specifications, personalized manufacturing.

3、It can improve the application level of enterprise's intelligent manufacturing technology and cultivate high-end composite talents.

4、It faces innovation education and establishes a regional talent training center.