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Power Supply Equipment for Aircraft Ground Start

power supply equipment for aircraft ground start

power supply equipment for aircraft ground start

Power supply equipment for aircraft ground start is mainly used for ground ignition start and power check of helicopters, fixed-wing aeroplane, large unmanned aircraft and other aircraft. At present, the existing vehicle-mounted lead-acid power supply system is too big to road transportation. The lead-acid power supply has short life, difficult maintenance and environmental pollution, while the portable lithium battery power system has small storage capacity and can only meet the emergency of small aircraft.

A new generation of power supply equipment for aircraft ground start, jointly developed by GRIMI and Guangxi Wukong Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., use the battery core with lithium iron phosphate battery pack to replace the traditional lead-acid battery , which has good maintainability, high power density and more cycle number. The self-developed anti-reverse charging technology completely solves the problem of damage to the airborne generator during the ignition start operation. The equipment adopts modular design, which is easy to assemble and disassemble. Equipment can be widely used in military, civil aviation, police navigation, emergency, firefighting and other units of the navigation airport, military civil aviation airport, apron and temporary field shutdown.

Main technical parameters of equipment

rated operational voltage 28.5V , voltage range 24-30.5V

Battery type: 180AH Lithium iron phosphate battery pack

peak current: ≧1000 A

rated operational current: ≧300 A

Structural material: aviation aluminum

Transportation and assembly: The system can be disassembled and assembled by a single person, and can be transported by the car trunk.

Anti-reverse charge detection device: It can realize one-way gap-free power supply of the aircraft and prevent the on-board generator from charging the ground power supply.