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Intelligent Testing Bench for Aircraft Hydraulic System

Intelligent testing bench for aircraft hydraulic system

Intelligent testing bench for aircraft hydraulic system

The intelligent testing bench for hydraulic system of aircraft is a device that provides hydraulic power source for installation check, periodic inspection and fault diagnosis of helicopters, fixed-wing aeroplane and large drone-related hydraulic systems, and is an important part of aviation ground support equipment system. With the rapid development of the military and civilian integration of general aviation industry, there is an urgent need for a general aviation hydraulic comprehensive testing equipment that is easy to operate and highly transportable to complete related testing of aircraft hydraulic pressure systems to improve the flight reliability.

A new generation of intelligent testing bench for hydraulic system of aircraft was jointly developed by GRIMI and Guangxi Wukong Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. It applies information technology and Internet of Things to the test of aircraft hydraulic system. The test bench can be remotely controlled, intelligently detected, and automatically alarmed. Through data acquisition functions, it can provide fault detection and analysis of aircraft hydraulic systems. The overall design of the equipment is compact, and the volume is much smaller than the traditional products of the same type, which is convenient for transportation and field operations. The wireless remote control reduces the maintenance work intensity. Products are widely used in airports, military and civil aviation and other units.

Main technical parameters of equipment

Pressure testing range:0~250bar(0~3625PSI)

Flow testing range: 0~26.1L/min

Temperature: -20~50°C

Driving power:7.5 KW, input voltage:AC380V

Fuel tank capacity:100L

Working medium:46# antiwear hydraulic oil(MIL-PRF-5606)

Assembly size:900mm(L) x 700mm(W) x 1320mm(H)

Grade of hydraulic oil:ISO17/14; Filtration accuracy≤3цm.